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    Navigator for Clinical Trial


    Mediaiplus provides customized clinical trials protocols for clients who need

    curated clinical trials data to launch drug development projects.  


    "We invest in success, and with MediC will achieve the success we desire."

    "Mediaiplus has been recognized within the industry for its proven technology."

    "We invested in the power of Mediaiplus to provide accurate MediC data."

    "MediC reveals actionable information through

    visualization and tracking of global clinical trial data."

    Over 370,000 clinical trials data into one platform showing

    detailed clinical trial protocols and providing the best solutions to clients. 


    Easy search engine

    MediC provides the best fitted clinical trials information by showing the result from more than 370,000 cases of clinical trials. Don’t waste your time on messy public databases, just type or click your interests in search form and you will have the best matching cases in your hand.


    Data Visualization

    Optimized information for your search gives you an easy information navigator. You can easily monitor similar clinical trials’ status of progress and cover all latest trends of clinical trial cases.


    Matching Service

    Our database covers over 400,000 of clinical data from all around the world and gives customized reports to you on your specific areas of interest. The database is always up to date on daily basis and gives you the latest trends. Consultation with industry specialists also can be provided. Ask anything about clinical trials, you will have the data-driven curated reports in your hand. 

    How can we help you? 



    We are always open to help guiding your drug development process.

     Feel free to contact us anytime. 



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