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    The Concierge of Clinical Trial in Asia


    Mediaiplus provides data analysis to those making critical decisions in clinical trials.

    "We invest in success, and with MediC will achieve the success we desire."

    "Mediaiplus has been recognized within the industry for its proven technology."

    "We invested in the power of Mediaiplus to provide accurate MediC data."

    "MediC reveals actionable information through visualization and tracking of global clinical trial data."

    MediC uses detailed protocol data from over

    30,000 clinical trials to provide clients with the best solutions.


    Easily Search Information

    MediC reviews data from more than 30,000 clinical trials to provide the best clinical trial information for the search term entered by the user. No more wasting time searching through scattered clinical trial data and disorganized papers and reports. You can now quickly get the information you need from MediC.


    Data Visualization

    Visualize the data you need to create your optimum clinical trial strategy with MediC. Monitor the progress of similar clinical trials being done by competitors and uncover the latest clinical trends using MediC’s easy-to-view information.


    Matching Service

    MediC compiles clinical trial data in Korea and around the world and delivers information reports to you on your specific areas of interest, so it’s easy to stay up to date on the latest trends. Consultation with industry specialists is available from MediC, so you can obtain the additional information, insight, and perspective to make data-driven decisions that are critical to your success.

    What would you ask Mediaiplus?



    We provide the lastest clinical trend reports 

    with clinical tracking by disease, drug, region and institution of your choice.

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